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Premium listings, Dealer Shops & Deals!… Read more
Premium listings, Dealer Shops & Deals!… 

Seclux business customers have developed their corporate presence with a detailed entry, a so-called premium listing, a dealer shop with their products or a discount Deal.

Premium, quality-controlled services (hotels, restaurants, lawyers, doctors etc.) use Seclux as a marketing platform and sales channel. You can advertise using exclusive premium company listings in the Luxury Guide, sell your services and offer top-class brand-name goods and services with a discount of up to 80% (Deals). The users can use this premium listing to get to know the respective company better using a detailed description, pictures, videos, PDF attachments etc.

Dealers of the coolest brands can advertise their company and sell their products on a so-called dealer homepage with integrated shop and a premium listing in the Luxury Guide. This dealer homepage is a luxury DIY homepage, a modular system with an integrated shop. The highest quality and the most beautiful brand-name goods from these dealers are displayed in the dealer shop as well as the dealer shop and can also be bought directly.
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Promote Your Business 
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Promote Your Business 

Your business in the Luxury Guide - gain new customers and increase your turnover!
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The Luxury Guide is a marketing tool which premium companies can use to showcase their company, their services and their products to a worldwide audience. On the one hand companies have the opportunity to create a DIY homepage with a Dealer shop to showcase their company and their goods to a world of potential customers in the Guide.

At the same time their products are displayed in the Marketplace and are offered for sale. This connection between the advertising portal and the City Guide consolidates the supply and demand on one website and creates an enormous benefit for the buyer and the seller.

As well as the Basic Listing mentioned above, companies (service providers) also have the second option of using a Premium Listing to market their products.
The Premium Listing is an info page containing the most important information about the company (opening times, contact address, description of the company), it is translated into all Google languages and can be changed and updated at any time using a customer account. In addition the company can upload a photo gallery, display videos, upload PDF, Excel and Word files and the customer can contact the company directly by email or Skype.
If a service provider wishes to start a Seclux Deal, a time-limited marketing tool where products and services are offered with a discount of up to 80% and are sold using a voucher from the Seclux Deal area, the Premium Listing is free for a year. 

The Premium Listing contains a link to the Seclux Deal and is also visible in the Luxury Guide. 
The advantage of this in comparison to the competition is that once the Deal has expired the company's premium entry remains in the City Guide as a marketing tool, so that the companies can still acquire new customers using Seclux. 

All Seclux products, i.e. the adverts in the Marketplace, the Basic & Premium Listings in the Guide, the Seclux Deals and the DIY homepage with the Dealer Shop, have reliable web controlling. This allows you to review your success with the number of visitors and unique visitors, their country of origin and their time spent on the respective page. These figures are analysed with statistics and are displayed in graphs. Additionally, after acquiring the product, the customers can change options such as the offer's appearance on the start page, the title in bold or reserve a good position on search requests (best place).

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AM Schlüsseldienst Essen
Speciality Shop - others | Philosophenweg 24, 45279 Essen, Germany
24 Stunden Schlüsseldienst an 365 Tagen im Jahr.
D-I-S Design Internet Systems
Speciality Shop - others | Charlottenstraße 29 - 31, 70182 Stuttgart, Germany
Wir bieten Ihnen als Dienstleistung eine umfassende Unterstützung im E-Commerce, E-Marketing usw.
Die Lichtmacher GmbH
Speciality Shop - others | Am Bach 6-8, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany
Beleuchtungsplanung und Beleuchtungsinstallation seit 1992. Fachgeschäft für Beleuchtungen.
DVS Germany GbR
Speciality Shop - others | Elter Str. 80a , 48429 Rheine, Germany
Videoüberwachung Set - Entdecken Sie unser Sortiment! IP Kameras, Videoüberwachung Set, Überwachung.
Elektrotechnik Breitbach
Speciality Shop - others | Winterstraße 1a, 50354 Hürth, Germany
Ihre Zufriedenheit ist unser Anspruch. Über 500 installierte Photo-voltaikanlagen.
Hundestudio Nicole
Speciality Shop - others | Wolfstr. 11, 41352 Korschenbroich, Germany
Professionelle Hundepflege
Lange UG
Speciality Shop - others | Privatstraße 14 Nummer 5, 13086 Berlin, Germany
Wir informieren über die aktuellen Tests und Trends zum Thema Laufschuhe. Smartphone Reparatur Bonn
Speciality Shop - others | Friesdorfer Str. 246, 53175 Bonn, Germany
Moorsoot Smartphone handy Reparaturen in Bonn. Wir testen und reparieren Ihre defekten Mobiltelefone
PSN Etiketten Print Solution Network e.K.
Speciality Shop - others | Am Dachsrain 26, 64739 Höchst, Germany
Der Etiketten Lieferant Print Solution Network e.K. oder kurz PSN Etiketten ist Ihr Ansprechpartner
Rollladen Shabani
Speciality Shop - others | industriestraße 24, 79194 Gundelfingen, Germany
Rollladen Fenster Türen aus Alu oder Kunststoff ,Insektenschutz, Industrie & Sektionaltore
Waschmaschinen Reparatur Kundendienst Reuter
Speciality Shop - others | Reuterstr.49, 12047 Berlin, Germany
Waschmaschinen,Spülmaschinen Reparatur & Service Berlin und Umgebung