Help - Frequently asked questions and answers



Do I have to register separately for each of the four areas on the Seclux website (marketplace, shop, guide and bargains area)?

No, you only have to register just once on Seclux to be able to see and use all of the information and services on the whole Seclux portal. You also get just one single account (MySeclux account), from which you can manage the whole site and your activities. This means that if you buy something in the Boutique as a private user the purchase status of the product is displayed on your MySeclux account. On your account you can also access your adverts in the marketplace or vouchers which you have bought.

When should I register for a private account and when for a business account?

Provided that you wish to use the website without intending to make an income, i.e. just occasionally offering products in the marketplace, purchasing clothes in the Boutique, informing yourself about the coolest hotspots in the Guide or purchasing an exclusive bargain in the Seclux Deal area, please register for a private account.

If you own a company, i.e. you sell goods full-time as a retailer or are commercially active as a service provider and wish to use Seclux as a marketing or sales tool, please register for a business account.

Retailers can sell their products using an exclusive Seclux Dealer Site with shop in the marketplace with an advert or a catologue form. At the same time you get a Basic and a Premium entry in the Seclux Guide with contact information and pictures of your company as well as links to your Seclud Dealer Shop and products free of charge.

Service companies can offer their services by using "Seclux Deals" for a specified period of time with a discount of up to 90%, where the vouchers are sold using Seclux.

Who is the contractual partner in the four Seclux areas?

  • In the marketplace members only conclude contracts with each other, i.e. Seclux only mediates the contractual partners, but is itself not a party to the contracts concluded in the marketplace area.
  • Seclux is a contractual partner in the Boutique if you buy products as a buyer in the online shop.
  • In the bargains area, Seclux Deal, Seclux likewise only mediates the services and products at reduced prices on the Seclux website, but itself is not a contractual partner of the vouchers you have bought. Only the respective contractual partners/companies are bound by the sales contract.



How much does it cost to place an advert in the Marketplace?

For private users it is free of charge. You are considered a private user if selling products is not your main source of income and you simply sell your private possessions every now and then. 

At the moment Dealers can set up a Dealer Shop on Seclux free of charge for the first three months and use it to sell up to 1,000 products. Afterwards you can continue using this shop at a low cost. For prices please see the price list

Do I have to pay commission to Seclux when I successfully sell a product using the Marketplace trading portal?

No, neither private people nor retailers have to pay commission when selling a product on Seclux.

Can I also advertise other products on the Marketplace as authentic designer clothing?

No, currently it is only possible to advertise international designer clothes (new or second hand) for men, women and children.

If members advertise fake designer items, their contact details will be reported to the appropriate authorities without any prior warning and their membership will be terminated. 

Why can't I sell my product?

Please check your price. Most often the price you have requested for the product is too high and therefore unsuitable. Make sure that the pictures you have uploaded show the product from all sides and make sure that they display its authenticity (e.g. photos of the receipt with the item number, logo, manufacturer's number on the product itself etc.).


Seclux Guide

How can I alter my entry/entries?

To change your information, contact details or pictures in a Basic/Premium entry, please log in and go to your MySeclux account in the top right hand corner underneath the Luxury City Guide and select "Edit my entries".

To delete your entry or notify Seclux in writing of any other requests for changes, please send an email to

Can anyone create a basic entry in the Luxury City Guide?

To consistently guarantee the high quality of the guide, it is not possible for everyone to create an entry on Seclux.

When setting up a Dealer Homepage with shop every Dealer essentially receives one Basic and one Premium entry "extra" free of charge. Service providers, who have a bargain deal in the "Seclux Deal" discount area, also automatically receive one Basic and one Premium entry for free.

Anyone can submit their company or a company of their choice to be entered in the Seclux Guide by sending an email to stating the reasons why the company or service provider belongs in the Seclux Guide.


Seclux Deal

Can the contractual partner reject my voucher and the product/service associated with it?

If your voucher is still valid and you have not yet redeemed it, the contractual partner has to accept it. In this case please contact the company's customer service department or send an email stating the contractual partner, the problem and the voucher number to

What can I do when my voucher expires?

Unfortunately expired vouchers can no longer be redeemed with the contractual partner after their expiry date, nor can you claim a refund of the purchase price. These deals are special offers at exclusive reduced trial prices and all rights are forfeited when they expire, provided they are not claimed from the contractual partner within the stated expiry date. If there is nothing to the contrary in the voucher's description, you can also pass the voucher on to friends or relatives.