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Selling for the first time on Seclux
Buying for the first time on Seclux
Trading internationally on Seclux
Selling for privat free of charge (no agency, sales or acquisition fees)  -  Quick setup  -  advert & member checks by Seclux  - secure payment  -  worldwide trading with international user  - 

Free advertising for private user:
On you pay no listing fee for your advert (no matter how long it stays in the Marketplace) and no agency, sales or acquisition fees. Selling is absolutely free of charge for you on Seclux. 

Member checks by Seclux
To be able to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the second hand designer products in the Seclux Marketplace, a member identity check is carried out when a member advertises their first product. After you have placed your advert you will receive an email from Seclux prompting you to prove your identity with a photo ID (passport, driving licence, ID etc.). Only after that will your advert be published by Seclux. This guarantees the authenticity of the products and the identity of the members, in particularly for international members, without major costs for sending the second hand articles to Seclux to prove the authenticity of the product.

Advert checks
Seclux checks every advert thoroughly before it is published and if necessary asks the seller questions or requests them to upload more pictures of the product (the subjects of which are specified by Seclux). In the case of any uncertainty the advert is rejected, or the member is requested to send the product to Seclux to be checked.

Ratings, PayPal & Concierge Service
We attach the greatest importance to security for both buyers and sellers when trading on the Seclux Marketplace.  Therefore member ratings and secure payment methods serve alongside the identity and advert checks as a control to check the quality, condition and authenticity of the products and offer protection from fakes, faulty articles, bad descriptions and unreliable sellers.
Additionally the Seclux Second Hand Luxury Concierge Service offers the ability to conduct an authenticity check of a product by sending it to Seclux (with prior agreement) and to then receive a seal of approval. The pre-owned luxury goods sent to us are photographed, described and placed in the Marketplace. If the product is sold successfully, Seclux will transfer 80% of the sale revenue to you.

I. Selling for the first time on Seclux

How do I sell or advertise privately on Seclux?

1. Register yourself as a private user with a Private Seclux Account 2. Register for a Paypal account to be able to receive payments 3. Click the "create new ad" button / create an advert 4. Send advert off to be checked - the first advert identity verification 5. Monitor sales in MySeclux 6. Conclude sale successfully

Concierge Service: If you do not have the time, energy or motivation to advertise your designer second hand products yourself, you can use our Concierge Service. You only have to register on and send us an email at Once your product has been sent to Seclux, our team will take care of photographing, describing and advertising your article. The revenue from your sales will be transferred to you directly once per month. Seclux keeps a commission fee of just 20%!

For users from German-speaking Switzerland:
The Concierge Service of Seclux sorts your wardrobe, photographs, advertises and sells your designer products for you. For more information please contact us at Please take a look on our Seclux Deal!

1. Register yourself as a private user with a Private Seclux Account

If you wish to advertise products on Seclux without intending to purchase anything you must register for a private Seclux account.

2. Register for a Paypal account to be able to receive payments

Depending on the country, payment methods such as direct debit, credit card and giropay amongst others, are accepted alongside PayPal. Therefore you can also offer the most popular payment methods worldwide and can receive payments to your PayPal account in 24 currencies. To register simply click on the "PayPal registration" button and create a PayPal account for private customers so that you can also receive payments from your customers as a private retailer.

To integrate PayPal with Seclux tick the box "Accept payments with PayPal" for the respective advert under payment methods and shipping.

3. Click the "create new ad" button / create an advert

On clicking this button the order form will open for you to fill out.

Please pay attention to the following points when filling out the form:

  1. Main category/sub-category
    Select the appropriate main category and if applicable the corresponding sub-category/ies.
  2. The title of the offer
    Choose the title using the example: "designer/brand, product type (e.g. handbag, shoes), age, original price"
  3. Detailed product description
    Describe your product as accurately as possible, also stating any potential defects or blemishes. Please only write truthful information.
  4. Realistic product price
    Choose a purchase price which is realistic.
  5. Upload pictures of your product
    Please consider that Seclux checks your advert carefully. Adverts submitted without pictures are not published on Seclux. In total up to 12 pictures can be uploaded free of charge.
  6. Pictures - exact portrayal of the product
    Seclux checks that the following features are visible on the pictures:
    • The product from all angles (from the front, from behind, if necessary from inside).
    • The product material should be clearly visible (material, leather, plastic etc.).
    • The brand logo and if necessary the receipt and guarantee for the product. 
    • Also any potential defects..
  7. Choose between an advert allowing customers to buy immediately or a normal advert/catalogue entry
    Choose the payment method and whether you wish to create an advert with a buy now button or just a normal advert. With a buy now advert the buyer can purchase your product immediately, whereas a normal advert is simply used as part of a catalogue and to inform potential buyers. The purchase will then be carried out outside of the Seclux platform.
  8. Payment methods
    Choose which advert you want by selecting one of the possible payment methods. You can also offer the buyer several different payment methods: Cash payment on collection, credit card payment with PayPal or you can specify your bank details or other payment methods in your product description.
    Important: For security reasons it is only possible to pay by PayPal for international purchases on Seclux.
  9. National or international selling - shipping costs
    Please decide whether you wish to sell within your own country or internationally by ticking each respective country. If you also wish to ship to other countries, please be aware of the respective shipping costs, as well as any customs duties, taxes and other costs for the relevant country. Also note that the chances of selling your product are drastically increased if you offer "free shipping".
  10. Customs duties
    For deliveries to another country and outside of the EU different customs duties , import and export taxes as well as other costs and taxes apply respectively. To ensure an international sale runs smoothly it is important that you are well aware of these fees before advertising your product.

4. Send advert off to be checked - the first advert identity verification

Seclux will check your submitted advert. You will then receive a confirmation email stating that your advert has been accepted or that some changes are required.

The first advertisement - identity verification:
To ensure the greatest possible protection for our users, an identity check of each member before the first advertisement is required. After saving your advertisement you as a seller will be asked to send an identification photo (eg passport, identity card or driving license) to the following email address: Once this has been checked, the publication of your advert is nothing in the way. You will receive a message in your Seclux mailbox that the ad is switched online.

5. Monitor sales in MySeclux

Under "my adverts" you can follow all of your adverts and their status. You can activate or deactivate your advert, change it at any time or view the visitor statistics and the country the visitors are from. Before the advert expires you will receive a notification from Seclux asking if you wish to extend your advert.

6. Conclude sale successfully

Condition: Paying without PayPal

  1. Once the buyer has clicked on the buy button a completed the purchase, you will automatically receive an email from Seclux containing the buyer's information. Contact the buyer as soon as possible after the purchase either by phone or by email to successfully complete the purchase. Please be aware that the contract is already concluded.

Condition: Paying with PayPal

  1. If you have decided to accept payment with PayPal you will receive an email from PayPal after the buyer has paid confirming the receipt of payment. If at that point you have not yet registered with PayPal, you will be prompted to create a PayPal account so that you can receive the payment.
  2. Once you have received the purchase price, please send the article securely packaged and without delay. 
  3. Please also give the buyer a rating.

The rating system on Seclux encourages trust amongst users and contributes to the security of the Marketplace.

II. Buying for the first time on Seclux

1. Product search 2. Questions for the seller/checking the product 3. Identity check for the first purchase without PayPal 4. Paying without PayPal 5. Paying with PayPal

1. Product search

You can enter the product you're searching for either in the search filter in the top left corner or you can browse through the categories.

2. Questions for the seller/checking the product

If you have found a product that you like, please read the seller's description carefully and look at any pictures of the product. If anything is unclear, please ask the seller any questions or contact them. If you have the feeling that something isn't right with the product or the seller, you can also report a breach of the rules. Seclux is grateful for your help in finding any offenders.

3. Identity check for the first purchase without PayPal

If you wish to buy the product, please click on the buy button. On the article's page you can see which payment methods are accepted by the seller. To put off unserious buyers Seclux carries out an identity check using PayPal when a member makes their first purchase without the payment method PayPal. Once you have clicked on the buy button a small window will appear which prompts you to confirm your identity. For the identity check you have to pay a minimal service charge of 5 CHF/ 4 EUR. This check helps to guarantee the security of the Seclux trading platform. If you pay for the first time the item with the payment method PayPal, the identy check payment of 5 CHF / 4 EUR is omitted.


4. Paying without PayPal

After your identity has been successfully verified, you can send the payment to the seller. If the seller does not accept payment with PayPal, you will automatically receive an email from Seclux containing the seller's contact details. Then contact the seller without delay and pay for the product within the next three days, otherwise the product will be relisted.

5. Paying with PayPal

If the seller offers payment with PayPal, you will be transferred directly to the PayPal website once your identity has been verified and can simply pay for the article there. Afterwards you will receive an email from PayPal with the payment methods as well as a message from Seclux in your message box containing the seller's contact details and the article description in the advert.


III. Trading internationally on Seclux

The import of counterfeit brand-name and designer articles is forbidden in Switzerland and is punished by heavy fines. Any trade of counterfeit brand-name and designer articles on Seclux will be reported to the authorities, membership of the respective people will be revoked and deleted without notification. Seclux reserves the right to take legal action against such members.

On Seclux you can trade internationally free of charge and unlock new markets worldwide. All without listing or selling fees. Therefore with Seclux you can gain new customers from throughout the world. 

Please make sure that you are aware of the laws in foreign countries when selling to these countries. Seclux can give you some tips and suggestions regarding this, however this does not constitute legal advice or a substitute thereof. In case of any doubt you should always seek advice from a lawyer.

In any case you have to make sure that you sell the product in accordance with the judicial and legal regulations of the country you are selling to. You must also comply with the laws of the country in which you are selling your product. 

Swiss Customs, important information regarding online shopping

> Swiss Confederation

Every shipment from abroad is strictly subject to customs duty, is additionally liable to VAT and has to be registered with the customs authorities in Switzerland by the person bound by the obligation to register (usually the seller). The payment of duty is generally assumed by the postal service or the courier (e.g. UPS, DHL, die Post), which in turn incurs additional handling charges.

Courier costs::

> Swiss Post > Post Deutschland (DHL) > Questions/answers regarding exports and customs from the Swiss postal service >Information from the Swiss postal service regarding imports

Shipping to and from Switzerland:

According to the international legal regulations for postal traffic, there is a duty of declaration in Switzerland when sending mail and packages, i.e. the sender is responsible for the content and must completely and truthfully declare the content of the shipment. 

  1. Sending a package
    In addition to the address, customs declaration CN 23 must be filled out and a copy of the receipt or a printout from Seclux must be enclosed as proof of the goods' value.

  2. Sending the article as a letter to/from Switzerland with a weight of up to 2kg
    In this case the shipment must be provided with the green CN 22 label. The goods' value must likewise be proven (with a receipt or printout from Seclux).

    By filling both of the forms out in advance you will avoid unnecessary delays when exporting goods out of Switzerland.

    Import restrictions, important bans in Switzerland and banned articles on Seclux

    • Counterfeits of brand-name and designer articles
    • Pirate copies
    • Weapons
    • Radar warning devices
    • Anaesthetic and medicines containing anaesthetic
    • Any kind of drugs
    • Remedies and doping substances
    • (Live) animals and goods of animal origin, which are subject to the Washington Convention
    • Direct imports of animal products from other EU states

Shipment within the EU (from one EU country, e.g. Germany, to another EU country, e.g. Italy)

>EU states
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

In general, the movement of goods within the EU is free from costs and customs duties. There are however exceptions to this. Please make yourself aware of this using the respective customs sites of the countries you wish to send to.

International shipping on Seclux when placing an advert:

Shipping is one of the most important topics when selling internationally. In your advert on Seclux you can separately specify the shipping costs and customs duties for the country you wish to send your products to. Please be well aware of this information before advertising your product.

On Seclux you can specify the shipping costs and customs duties separately for every country. Offering free shipping increases the chances of selling your product.

>Shipping cost calculator from the Swiss postal service >Customs in Germany: Information on customs and shipping from Germany to EU countries and non-EU countries >Customs in France: Information on customs and shipping from France to EU countries and non-EU countries >Customs in Italy: Information on customs and shipping from Italy to EU countries and non-EU countries >Customs in the USA: Information on customs and shipping in the USA
Seclux Tips:
  1. What are the distance selling regulations of the EU and how do they affect my sale??
    The Distance Selling Act applies in the EU to the conclusion of contracts which are executed between a businessmen and a consumer for the delivery of goods or services online or by telephone. At the same time every EU member state has its own laws on distance selling and e-commerce which are based on EU guidelines, but are applied differently in each country. In this regard the respective return policies and refund periods are important. According to the EU guidelines on distance selling, when buying from a company online consumers have the right to return the article bought within a specified period without giving any reasons. The respective deadlines to return goods vary from country to country. Please be awareof this before advertising your product.
  2. Forbidden articles in other countries
    Please make yourself aware of this using the respective customs site of the country you wish to sned to or at, country information.
  3. How to recognize fake branded goods?
    We have put together some links to Youtube videos, which illustrate vividly how to recognize fake branded goods of genuine designer goods.

    Video: Fake Louis Vuitton Bag 

    >Fake Rolex