The most trusted international Marketplace to buy and sell authentic new and gentle used Luxury Designer Fashion and brand-name products.

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The most trusted international Marketplace to buy and sell authentic new and gentle used Luxury Designer Fashion and brand-name products. 
  • selling without fees & commissions
  • quick setup
  • ads & member identity checks by Seclux
  • secure payment
  • worldwide trading 

Free advertising for private user
On you pay no listing fee for your advert (no matter how long it stays in the Marketplace) and no agency, sales or acquisition fees. Selling is absolutely free of charge for you on Seclux. 

Member checks by Seclux:
To be able to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the second hand designer products in the Seclux Marketplace, a member identity check is carried out when a member advertises their first product. After you have placed your advert you will receive an email from Seclux prompting you to prove your identity with a photo ID (passport, driving licence, ID etc.). Only after that will your advert be published by Seclux. This guarantees the authenticity of the products and the identity of the members, in particularly for international members, without major costs for sending the second hand articles to Seclux to prove the authenticity of the product.

Advert checks:
Seclux checks every advert thoroughly before it is published and if necessary asks the seller questions or requests them to upload more pictures of the product (the subjects of which are specified by Seclux). In the case of any uncertainty the advert is rejected, or the member is requested to send the product to Seclux to be checked.

Ratings, PayPal & Concierge Service:
We attach the greatest importance to security for both buyers and sellers when trading on the Seclux Marketplace. Therefore member ratings and the secure payment method od payPal serve alongside the identity and advert checks as a control to check the quality, condition and authenticity of the products and offer protection from fakes, faulty articles, bad descriptions and unreliable sellers.
Additionally the Seclux Second Hand Luxury Concierge Service offers the ability to conduct an authenticity check of a product by sending it to Seclux (with prior agreement) and to then receive a seal of approval. The pre-owned luxury goods sent to us are photographed, described and placed in the Marketplace. If the product is sold successfully, Seclux will transfer 80% of the sale revenue to you.    
Exclusive luxury brands from top international designers in the Seclux Marketplace
Using this advertising portal, companies as well as private persons can place adverts offering new and pre-owned designer clothing, later then future property, cars, antiques, jewelry and watches. Dealers can display their products on a search engine optimised, DIY homepage with integrated Dealer Shop and sell their products online. At the same time a link to the Dealer shop is placed in the City Guide and the Marketplace so that companies can also showcase themselves and their products internationally.

Our motto is luxury but affordable. The integration means that international online searching is connected with local and international shopping and marketing on one website.

The most important content of this shopping portal has been translated professionally into English and German and can be translated into all Google languages. Virtual shopping and trading becomes a shopping experience thanks to social media applications, as people swap shopping tips with their friends or can talk about the colour of their new shoes together. There is also a rating system which allows both sides to rate the process after the purchase.

Furthermore Seclux carries out a quality control test before an advert is published. Users can additionally comment on the products and ask the seller questions about the product.